The BMW 3-series is a saloon car that has proved to be a perennial favourite of business users, and this means that there is a fairly large market of 3-series cars that are available to be bought second hand. It doesn't matter if you are looking for used cars south east or used cars in Scotland, the likelihood is that you'll come across many 3-series models.

Although the saloon is by far the most numerous version of the car on the market, there are also convertible, coupe and touring version of the car available.  With the model having been available since the early 80s, there is often a 3-series available on the market for every budget, and with the famous German reliability, many of these can have particularly high mileages.

Because of the reputation of the BMW 3-series as a business car, many of these models that are on the market will have been former company cars, and it is important to ensure that these have been well cared for.  The diesel engines are capable of achieving a very high mileage, and those that have done most of this on the motorway will often been in much better condition than those that have been driven extensively on the A and B roads.  It is certainly worth having a mechanic look over the car before purchasing, to make sure that the engine still has plenty of life and is in a serviceable condition.

There are numerous different trim options available when it comes to purchasing a 3-series, and those with leather seats and satellite navigation are often available for a competitive price.  As with any car, it is certainly worth looking for those models that have a full service history, and one that has been fully serviced by a BMW dealer will be more desirable.  With so many different options and trim levels available, there is a 3-series available to suit almost every pocket, but finding an older model with a low mileage is a particularly rare gem.