What the Reviews Say About the BMW 3 Series

The 3 series in one of the most popular car ranges ever produces by the German manufacturer BMW, and accounts for some 30% of the firm’s total car sales. Six generation of the 3 Series have been produced, and it is available in 5 different body styles.

With such a wide range of different models it can be hard to get to grips with what this range of cars actually has to offer you. Because of this it is very important when searching for reviews of this car that you make sure you are reading about the correct variant. There are plenty of places to find reviews online so it should not be difficult for you to find a specific review of the car that you are looking at if you search for it. To give you a general idea about what the reviewers are saying about the BMW 3 Series I have compiled a brief digest for you which looks at the common themes which crop up in a wide range of reviews for this car.

Many recent reviews focus on the redesigned Sedan version of the car, which has had a very positive reception and is helping the 3 Series to secure its position as one of the best performing cars in its class. The new four-cylinder turbocharged engine and 8-speed gearbox for this model have impressed the reviewers, as has the fact that the new sedan is a little bit longer and wider than its predecessor, meaning that there is more legroom for the passengers in the back seats.

Most reviews praise the powerful turbocharged engines and precise handling of the 3 Series, which combine to provide an exciting and enjoyable driving experience. High quality materials and good build quality have also been mentioned by many reviewers.

Overall the BMW 3 Series has had a very positive reception from most reviewers. The only negative remarks which come up repeatedly are about the cramped back seats and small book storage space in the coupe and convertible versions. With such positive comments from a wide range of journalists you can be confident that this is a quality car which is a pleasure to own and to drive, but please do make sure that you have a look for more detailed reviews about the specific model of BMW 3 Series car that you are thinking about buying before making a final decision.